Thailand: Our Recommendations Whilst You’re Travelling Through Thailand.


Thailand: Our Recommendations Whilst You’re Travelling Through Thailand

Koh Phi Phi, Koh Pha Ngan & more…

We spent six weeks travelling around Thailand, starting off in Phuket and gradually working our way North. Our route allowed us to take in twelve of Thailand’s amazing towns, cities & islands.
There’s the same welcoming Thai culture all across Thailand, but each place provides their own unique experiences that make the commutes worthwhile.
In particular, the 3-hour journey, twisting through the mountain roads from Chiang Mai to Pai is arduous to say the least. The beauty of Pai makes the travel sickness worthwhile!
We’re going to give a run down of our suggested places you must visit when on your own travels around Thailand. Be sure to check these places out and you’ll have an unreal time!
Comment below any places you think we missed.
Travel safe.
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Koh Phi Phi

One of Thailand’s most well-known islands and popular tourist hotspot… Koh Phi Phi. A tiny island situated between Phuket & Krabi, Koh Phi Phi is packed full of things to do & see.
First things first, spend a day lying on the beach. It is beautiful. The scenery can not be done justice with pictures and has to be seen to be believed.
From here, your options are endless. Experience the amazing nightlife that is littered around the small streets, or get to the beach at night and take in endless amounts of fire shows and parties.
Sample the amazingly fresh food. Hike to the famous viewpoint that overlooks the island. Go snorkelling. Hire a kayak and explore the surrounding cliffs. Relax in the copious amounts of beautiful hotels. Or go on the many excursions available from the island, with the world renowned Maya Bay offered as a day trip at every tour office on the island.
Here’s some pictures of what we got up to on the island…

Koh Pha Ngan

Koh Pha Ngan’s ‘Full Moon Party.’ A world famous event? Yes. The only reason to visit the island? No.
We arrived in Koh Pha Ngan with reservations as we expected to be full of alcohol fuelled teenagers, with little else to do other than party. How wrong we were. We met up with our friend and his partner who have been living on Koh Pha Ngan for about 18 months. They opened our eyes to the endless options that Koh Pha Ngan offered.
You should 100% hire a scooter to fully explore this beautiful island. The ride through the Haad Rin hills offers endless fun and unbelievable views. Sunbathing at Chaloklum Beach, and boat ride to Bottle Beach allow for relaxing beach days.
Most importantly, Koh Pha Ngan allows for you to witness unreal sunsets. A visit to the Secret Mountain Bar in Koh Pha Ngan’s jungle offers the perfect sunset. Be sure to arrive before 1800 and grab a spot in the elevated area.
Lastly, if you want the party experience, we would suggest skipping the Full Moon Party and going to Eden Garden instead. Organised every Tuesday and Saturday, Eden is a bar situated in a tree house, on a private beach, only reachable via boat from Haad Rin beach. The party goes on all night long and reaches its peak when everyone is able to watch the sunrise to a techno soundtrack.
Here’s some of our favourite pictures from Koh Pha Ngan…




Lopburi is the famous town in Thailand overrun by monkeys. And it is amazing!
A 3-hour train ride from Hua Lamphong in Bangkok, Lopburi is a beautiful town off the beaten track. There’s a small route of ruins that starts from the train station and culminates at an old temple that is home to a large troop of friendly monkeys.
Be sure to tip at the small entrance as it allows the locals to continue to keep the area clean and ensure the monkeys are fed properly. The couple we encountered were very friendly, encouraging us to explore inside the temple and helping us out when some monkeys got to frisky.
The people of the town are so used to the monkeys, and were completely unfazed when we witnessed around 20 monkeys trying to commandeer a pick-up truck.
Definitely worth a visit as it is an amazing setting to get up close and personal, with these beautiful animals.



From our experiences, Kanchanaburi is a town somewhat overlooked by Western tourists in Thailand. We loved it, and would recommend it as a must see.
You are able to fully immerse yourself in Thai culture as there are very little luxurious, forcing you to spend time eating with the locals at street vendors. There are also many recommended animal sanctuaries within the region that focus on animal welfare rather than animal tourism.
The overarching reason we wanted to visit Kanchanaburi was to pay our respects at Don-Rak War Cemetery. There are almost 7,000 prisoners of war (POW) buried in Don-Rak cemetery. The majority perished due to the Bataan Death March whilst building the Burmese Railway during WW2.
My (Ryan) great-grandfather fought in Burma during WW2, and although he survived his ordeal, it was very humbling to pay my respects to those less fortunate.
There is a museum which offers lots of insight into the ordeal these unfortunate people had to endure. Although it is a sombre atmosphere, you do come away feeling grateful for the opportunities we have today, largely thanks to people who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
It is worthwhile visiting Don-Rak before moving on to the Bridge over the River Kwai. A 5-minute ride further up the road it is a beautiful setting despite it’s dark history. Through sheer luck, we were able to visit at sunset and witness a train crossing the bridge.


Drop a comment below with your own suggestions!
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